Monday, May 21, 2012

Somethings New and Something Old

My flower garden looks so much better now that this years flowers are planted

 My Flower Garden on 365 Project

 A collage of a daisy in different hue.  I used the hue slider in my Photoscape program to change the hue on this daisy.

 Daisy Hues on 365 Project

Clix-O-Flex camera by Metropolitan Camera Co.

The viewfinder hood is made of polished metal that folds when when not in use. The body is black bakelite and vertically oriented; at least two variations exist, one (illustrated) has widely-spaced horizontal lines on the sides and a leather-effect panel around the lens; another has a diamond pattern around the lens and closely-spaced horizontal side grooves. The camera makes 4×3cm landscape-format exposures on type 127 film rolls. The lens is a Maestar 57.5mm meniscus lens, with a simple time/inst shutter. The back is removable for loading, and has two red windows and a large retaining knob.

Still in original box with instructions 
 Clix-O-Flex camera by Metropolitan Camera Co.  on 365 Project

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