Monday, May 28, 2012

Unusual Views

Here's another view of my dark colored daisy.

Today is Memorial Day and I have to stop and say thank you to all those who have worked to keep everyone around them safe and our freedom in tact. Those of us who do not guard our way of life get to sleep soundly at night because you do not. Thank you!

It was a low key Memorial Day around here. I did laundry, the kids and I went to see The Avengers (we loved it!) and my husband worked on getting the molding up in our bathroom.

We had hamburgers from the grill for supper and just hung out around the house. So, tomorrow is actually the first week day I have off that is not a holiday for my summer break.

 Another View on 365 Project

Who is She After With all those water balloons? This is one of my daughter's besties. 

 Who is She After With on 365 Project

  I love our new bathroom floor, it's so nice to have something new, clean and updated in my house. My husband and his dad are amazing! 

 Floor is Finished on 365 Project


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