Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dog Park Day

It was Dog Park Day! One of the ladies that helps run our local Scottie Rescue organizes days for all of us with Scotties/Westies/Carins to meet at the dog park. Today there were 15 Scotties and 2 Westies that came to the dog park. I think we intimidated the lady with the poodles. This is the best shot of a fur kid I got while we were there. This lovely little Westie girl is such a sweetie and so much fun!

 Westie At Attention on 365 Project

 Two of the Scottie dads resting in the shade with several of the Scotties in attendance. That is a Wheaten Girlie the man on the end of the bench is holding. Wheaten Scotties are the rarest and it's even rarer to find a Wheaten female. Our Livvy's momma is a Wheaten female. But, this Girlie's name is Honey and she is the most laid back, sweetest Scottie I've ever met. She's a beauty!

 We Love Our Scotties on 365 Project

 Izzy was very excited about going to the dog park.

 Let's Go NOW! on 365 Project

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