Saturday, May 26, 2012

Family Time

We had our family May Birthday dinner on Saturday, May 26. My SIL's birthday is the 25th and my daughter's birthday is the 27th. So, we had an outdoor cookout and both girls got their gifts and the kids (including one of my daughter's best friends) played and hung out. The robin kept landing in the yard and snatching up worms while we were eating.

It was a nice evening and some down time after a very busy week at work for me. But, now I am officially on summer break.

 Wormy Bird on 365 Project

 The kids played with water guns at my mom's when we had our family dinner there. This pic of my daughter reminds me of a scene from Charlie's Angels.

 On the Hunt on 365 Project

 The model 100 was one of Kodak's first Instamatic camera released in the USA.

It used the 126 film (Kodapak) cartridge.

The button on the front released a pop-up flash holder for a single AG-1 peanut flashbulb. Elevating the flash holder changes the shutter to 1/40th of a second whether there is a flashbulb in the holder or not.


Type: viewfinder film camera
Manufacturer: Kodak
Production Dates: March 1963 - 1966
Film: 126 film cartridge
Lens: 43mm f/11
Image: nominal 26×26mm (hence 126), actual 29×28mm, masked to 26½×26½mm for printing
Shutter: mechanical leaf, 1/90 sec. and 1/40 sec. with flash popped up
Price: $15.95
Designer: Frank A. Zagara
Power: 2×AAA batteries for flash
Tripod Mount: none

Came with case, instructions and flash bulbs

 DSCF9295 on 365 Project

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