Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mom, mom, ma, mommy.......

I recently "shared" this bit o funny on my Facebook page...

Yes, this is a reality in my life.  The one who does this the most is my Livvy Girl.  She has the strongest nudging nose I've ever experienced on a dog.  She will flip my hand hard enough that the mouse to my laptop goes flying.  She actually managed to unplug the mouse from the computer once.  
Izzy on the other hand will just come lay on my lap as close as she can get to my computer or tablet and keep pushing back on whichever device I am using until it's too close to my body to use comfortably.  

Of course, it is not just my wonderful four legged children that do this.  My biped children will too.  It's like being on the phone or trying to watch a television show.  At least one of them is going to be forcing the attention issue.  Be assured my husband is included in this group as well.  

I'm so very blessed.

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