Monday, February 11, 2013

Vanna White and Molly Brown

My daughter had a swim meet in Hannibal, Missouri this weekend so we spent the whole weekend there.  For, those who do not know, Hannibal is known as "America's Hometown" because it is Mark Twain's hometown. 

It's also where The Unsinkable Molly Brown grew up.  She was headed back to Hannibal when the Titanic went down.  Her house still stands on a very steep hill in Hannibal.  My daughter is a Titanic freak.  Of course she wanted to visit Molly Brown's house, but most of the tourist attractions are closed this time of year.  Usually the touristy trappings open in April. 

So, we had to settle for going up to the closed up house and taking a picture of it.  Of course my ever so dignified 13 year old had to "Vanna White" it for the picture.

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