Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Digitiser

     I am in mourning!

      My tablet is broken.  I killed it.  I dropped it a couple days ago and the glass is shattered.  It wasn't enough for me to just drop it, I had to drop it on the top edge of it, so none of the impact was cushioned by the case.  I am really quite sick over it and extremely angry with myself.  

     The thing about having something like this happen is that you tend to learn things.  Yes, like you should be a lot more careful about how you handle your treasured electronics, but other things, too.  I, of course started looking up information on if it could be repaired.  I now know a little more about how a tablet works.  I am by no means an expert, but still, it's cool to learn new things.

     For those who don't know a tablet screen is made up of layers of glass.  The top layer is called the digitiser.  The layer underneath is the LCD screen.  The LCD is, of course, where the pictures come from.  The digitiser is the part of the device that turns your finger touches into commands that make the applications do what they do.  In other words, it's what tells the tablet what to do when you touch it.

     Apparently, it is not uncommon for a digitiser to be broken.  I guess I'm not the only careless, clumsy tablet owner in the world.  It can be fixed.  It's gonna cost about as much as it cost me to have a fan replaced in my laptop several years ago.  It also means I will have to send my tablet away to get repaired.  I just hope my tablet is not the worst they've ever seen.  It looks pretty bad to me.

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