Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Why

    Why I've Been MIA

 Yes, I've been MIA lately.  I have a ton of posts started and in draft mode, but have not been able to finish much.  It's been a rough month for me.  I'm having some health issues that are causing me a great deal of pain.  I spent 4 of my 5 weekdays of my spring break with doctors.  At this point everything is a waiting game.

Woman_pain : Sad woman

     What this means is that most of the time when I sit down with my computer I'm either too tired, hurting too much, or both so I cannot focus on writing decent content for my blog.  I am hoping that there will not be too many more days of pain, but not sure right now.  The biggest problem is, the worst part of the pain seems to happen in the middle of the night.  So, I'm not getting more than a couple hours of sleep at a time.

     I have five weeks left of work until summer break, so hopefully I can get through that without too much trouble.  In any case I can use all the prayer, positive thoughts, etc that anyone can muster.  

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