Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Reward

     Today was the awards banquet for my daughter's swim team.  We actually held it at a banquet hall this year.  This was really nice because it meant that we didn't have to do as much actual work and could enjoy the banquet as well as time with our kids and their team.

     This was also the last time our team will be together in tact before everyone goes off in their own directions.  It was strange and there are some things that felt uncomfortable to those of us staying, but it's all water under the bridge and it's time to move on.  So much so that the woman who has agreed to be vice president of the parent board and I did some campaigning.

     Our parent board has 8 positions that require parent volunteers.  Terms are usually 2 years long.  I have served on the board as secretary for the past two years.  I have volunteered to take the president seat for the next season.  This meant we still needed 6 people to volunteer to fill up our board.  We managed to get volunteers for all positions during the banquet.  I am so proud of us!  And, I'm even more proud of those parents who are staying for stepping up to the plate.  I think we're going to have an awesome season next year.

     Before I end this I must brag that my daughter got "Most Improved" swimmer award (reward) this year.  I was so excited to hear her name called for this.  She's worked so hard all season.

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