Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Time

     We all wish we had more time.  This week really has me thinking about that, though.  This week was/is my spring break.  Normally, it means a lot of time to myself.  However, it's not been that way for me this week.  It's meant a lot of time spent with doctors.

     It actually started late night Friday into early morning Saturday when I spent almost 5 hours in the ER.  I've been having a great deal of abdominal pain this month.  It just did not seem to go away.  They did some blood work up and a CT scan to send to my GYN.  I already had an appointment scheduled with him anyway.

     On Tuesday I had my appointment with my GYN.  He ordered my annual Mammogram and an ultrasound.   So, I must go back out there tomorrow because of course they did not have time on their schedule to fit me in today.

     Tomorrow I have my appointment with my primary care physician.  It is for my annual check up, which will also mean a trip to the vampire lab to give blood.  That will not be possible tomorrow because I always have to fast before they draw the blood for this, which will mean another trip to a medical facility on Thursday.

     My appointment tomorrow will be my last with my primary as he is retiring.  My time with him is over.  He's the only primary I've had as an adult.  He became my doctor when I was 17, so it's going to be strange having to see someone else.

     My time with my students is almost over this year, too.  When I go back to work next week I will only have 5 weeks left with them, minus Memorial Day, so literally only 24 days.

     Time is just a funny thing.  It slips away when you're not looking, but stands still when you're waiting only for you to turn around and realize that it didn't really stand still.

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