Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pet Peeve Tuesday: The Inbox

     There are certain things that I have to have a certain way.  My email inbox is one of those things.  I CANNOT STAND to have mail just sitting in my inbox.  If it's been read it needs to be archived.  It is my goal to clear out my inbox a couple times a day.

     The problem with that is, I hardly have time to do that.  If I archive something I want to read before I actually read it, I will forget about it.  So, there are times, I mark it as read and leave it in my inbox to remember to read it, because once I've looked at my inbox I don't want it to tell me I have new mail when I already know it's there.  So, it must at least be marked as read.

     Then, there are times a message will sit in my inbox for several days before I get to it.  There are times I get frustrated and just archive it and of course it's forgotten.  It's kind of a vicious cycle.

     I need my inbox empty, though.

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