Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pet Peeve Tuesday - No Parking

    This morning one of my biggest pet peeves was thrust upon me.  I hate it when someone takes MY parking spot at work.  It's not the first, closest spot to the door.  It's actually on the end of the row.  But, it leaves me plenty of room to get my big brief case out of my van without any possibility of hitting another car with it. 

   There are a few people who will take my spot, but most of my co-workers have their own favored spot so pretty much leave mine alone.  However, there is a TA, a tech person from the district office and some unknown person that just recently started squatting in my space.  It makes me grouchy.  I need that consistency to help me get through the day. 

   Please, just find another spot.  There are plenty of them and some that are closer to the door. 

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