Friday, March 1, 2013

Marriage Games #2

     My husband has some OCD tendencies.  He is far from being in need of therapy, well at least for that anyway.  But, yet there are those certain situations that he just has to have things a certain way.  I guess maybe we all have our moments, but when those moments provide amusement for others, they leave a person open to torment.

     One of his OCD needs is to have the hymnals and bible in the pew at church spaced equally apart and there be perfect symmetry with all three volumes in the rack.  He CANNOT leave them alone if they are not perfectly situated in front of him.  Which is hilarious considering the state of his desk at work.

     My daughter and I take turns moving them around.  We will push them together, push two together and move the third far apart.  We'll take the bible (which belongs in the middle because it's smaller than the hymnals) and put it on the outside of the hymnals.  Sometimes we even turn one of the books on its side.

     We have started "timing" him to see how long he can go without "fixing" them.  So far his record is about 8 seconds.  My daughter and I have a hard time controlling the giggles during church because we are spending so much time torturing my husband.

     Ok, so not only am I a bad wife for inflicting annoyances on my husband during church, but I'm also a bad mom for being a dreadful role model in church.  But, I consider it my duty to teach my daughter how to vex your husband.  It is a very useful skill that requires careful cultivation.

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