Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Creeper at a Board Meeting

     Picture me sitting in the middle of the Swim Team Parent Board meeting.  I am listening and trying to take notes on the progress of everything we have/had planned over the past few months and the next couple months.  We are moving through the agenda pretty quickly for which I am thankful.  I notice a couple of the other board members giving each other sideways glances and have a passing thought wondering about what they're communicating about.

     The member holding the meeting notices something a few moments later.  Then, one of the board members that starts to sink in her chair as she's looking out the tall skinny window of the door to the room we are occupying and declares that there is a "creepy guy sitting out there staring at me."

Of course we all turn around and look out the window.  

The minute I see him, I call out, "That's my brother!"

At which point I went out to tell him I'd forgotten to bring his Girl Scout cookies to the Y with me with peals of laughter behind me as I shut the door.  So, before I could tell him about the Girl Scout Cookies I had to admonish him not to creep out the other swim team board members anymore.

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  1. You could have really pulled a fast one on your brother there and just pretended to not know him at all!

    1. Yeah that really wouldn't have worked with my brother. It was all very funny though. My daughter just about peed herself on the way home when I told her the story.

    2. I love funny family anecdotes. I'm sure this is one you'll talk about at future family functions and have a wonderful laugh about.

      Thank you for participating again.

  2. Haha! That's funny. I liked Vanessa's idea, that would have been hilarious!


  3. I have similar instances with my husband, but I embrace them and make it all the more awkward for those around us. It makes us chuckle, and isn't that what it's all about?

    If that were me in your scenario, I think I would have answered with something along the lines of "Oh, that's my brother. He told he me was coming to meet me here and I told him to get my attention by staring uncomfortably at me in such a creepy way that others think he's a sex offender. I didn't want him to call my phone during the meaning. Now THAT would be rude."

    1. There was no need for that. No one was trying to be mean. I thought it was funny. We all did. I did however, tease her about calling my brother creepy the next day. She actually felt bad, unnecessarily.


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