Saturday, January 26, 2013

Retro Camera

One of my favorite camera aps is Retro Camera by Urbian.  I have it installed on my phone and my tablet.  It was one of the first camera aps I installed on my first smart phone and I've been using it ever since.

It is not an elaborate ap.  It's not an editing ap.  It's a camera ap.  You take the pictures and it applies the given effect to the picture as it "develops" the photo.  There are five different cameras you can use and each one produces a different type of picture.  They are all square pictures and work great for sharing on picture sharing aps.  You can slide the cameras to select the one you want to use.

The first camera is the Barbl.  It shoots only in color. 

It shoots with low saturation in natural color tones. It has medium contrast.

Next in line is my favorite.  It's the Little Orange Box.  It shoots in color or black and white.

This camera uses high x-processing.  The color cast is red/purple.  It's contrast is high. You can change from color to black and white by pressing on the button that says colour.  

Then there is the Xolaroid.  It shoots in both color and black and white.  Like the Orange Box it has a button to help you switch between color and black and white modes.  The Xolaroid shoots like the old fashioned Polaroid cameras did.

This fun camera shoots in high X-processing with a blue/green tint.  It has a glossy look to it.  The pictures are given high contrast effect to the coloring.

For some real fun, you can chose the Pinhole Camera.  It's another one with the choice of color or black and white.  Just use the button to chose.

This cute little camera shoots in low saturation with a multi-color swirl color cast.  The contrast of the photos taken with Pinhole is medium to high.

Next up is the Fudge camera.  It is reminiscent of the old Brownie cameras.  It is the last one that will shoot in color or black and white.  Just tap the little red lever and you can change between those two settings.

The photos from this camera have low saturation and no color cast.  They have a medium contrast effect on them.

The last camera in the line up for this ap is the Hipsteroku.  It produces effects like those of Japanese toy cameras.  It will only shoot in color.

The Hipsteroku has medium saturation and intense color leaks in its photos.  The contrast of the photos produced by this camera is medium to high.

You can switch cameras by clicking on the little camera icon on each screen.  You can look at the pictures you've taken by clicking on the little picture icon.  They hang from a line like they would in a black room.

If you wish to see the Camera Facts sheet for each camera you just click on the "camera info" button for each camera.

This ap is so much fun to use that there have been times I've taken the same picture using all the cameras just to see the effects on the same subject.

So, if you like the "Retro" look of photos, give this ap a try.  It's free, even!

What's your favorite photo/camera ap?

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