Saturday, January 12, 2013

Purple Jam

I love technology.  It is great fun!  This little purple guy I got for my birthday (Jan. 11).  It's a small Bluetooth speaker to use with my tablet that I got for Christmas.  It's amazing.  It will carry sound from my tablet up to 30 feet away.  I've been having such a "blast" with it.

I had one of our local rock radio stations broad casting from my tablet when I first tried this little marvel out.  As you can see Izzy was very confused by it.  She really could not figure it out.

As I was playing around with my technology, the buzzer to my dryer went off.  Hmmm, not sure I like that technology.  :-P   So I just took the speaker with me to the bedroom when I was folding clothes.  No need to pick up the tablet or anything else.  I could just keep listening uninterrupted as I went to another room.

Gosh, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  I can carry it to the kitchen and listen when I'm making supper.  It can go to the basement with me when I'm hanging Michael's shirts.  When I'm doing my hair and make-up I can put it on the counter top in the bathroom.  I can take it outside and put it on the picnic table when I'm doing stuff in the back yard.

Heck, my phone has Bluetooth, also.  This summer when the kids and I got to parks and such we can listen to it from my phone.  It's so much easier than carrying a radio or something similar.

Oh, and it came in a jar!  It's so cute.  Actually, when I first opened the package it was in on my birthday, I was confused.  It said Jam on the jar it came in and I had to really look at the name of the speaker to understand that I was not really getting jam for my birthday.  Ok, yes I am being a bit silly here.

The thing is technology never ceases to amaze me.  It's a wonder that is so fun to explore and I am grateful I live during a period of time when it develops so quickly.  It's hard for me to decide what is my favorite part of it all.  What technology do you enjoy?

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