Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finding Part of Myself

I have been feeling really down lately and have not really known why.  Then, this morning I read an article online about what it means to be an "everyday photographer."  The article described me exactly. Part of it was talking about how an "everyday photographer" never leaves the house without their camera and I've been neglecting mine.  It also talks about how we want to preserve all of life's moments and that other people wonder if something is wrong with us when we do not have our cameras.  Yup, that's my world.

So, in essence I realized that I've been feeling low because I've not spent much time with my camera in almost a month.  I've been taking pictures with my cellphone and my tablet and that has helped some, but I need time with my actual camera, too.  I need time to express my creativity with all three devices.

All of this means, I've also neglected my 365 project which really depresses me even more.  This is why one of my resolutions is to post to it faithfully.  And, one of the reasons I've not posted here since Tuesday is because I don't have any pictures from my CAMERA that I like.  So, again I am using one I took with my cellphone and edited with iPiccy.  This picture is part of the daily photo challenge that Fat Mum Slim posts each month.  I usually post mine to Instagram.  The prompt was "the view from here."  I took advantage of a rare two seconds I had to sit at my desk while my students were occupied with a science video.

I guess part of my resolutions has also become to read more about photography as well.  I really want to immerse myself as much as I can in photography.  Knowing now why I've been feeling low helps me realize how much passion I really have for this art form.  So, it's time to really embrace that passion.

What is the passion that is an important part of who you are outside of family and friends?


You can find links to the places I mentioned in this post in my links section on my blog page.

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