Saturday, August 4, 2012

Twisted Rain Toes

The slide at the small aquatic center in our town. This may be the small aquatic center, but it's got the best tube slide, all twisty and turny, and oh so much fun!

Twisted: August Photo a Day 4 on 365 Project

I had to share this. It started about 3:00 a.m. with a very loud and wild thunderstorm. There are people without power and a few trees down. But, it slowed down to a nice soaking rain that has kind of come and gone for about 4 hours or so, looks like it's been about 3 inches of rain total. Everything is wet and we actually have a little bit of mud! It's over now and I really wish it would have just done this all day, but we had rain, and hopefully, this will help our atmosphere create more.

We Got Rain!!!! on 365 Project

I'm thinking I'm in need of a pedicure, or at least new polish on my toes.

Needy on 365 Project

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