Friday, August 3, 2012

Round and Puppies

My hometown at one time was a railroad town. The Katy Railroad ran across Missouri into St. Charles. There are still sections of track, but most of the bed from that railroad is now a state park. The Katy Trail State Park runs the width of Missouri. It's long and skinny and meant for biking, hiking, walking. It also runs through one of our city parks; Frontier Park which is on our park on the riverfront of the Missouri River. There are two train cars that sit down there as tokens of that era in our history. This is the wheel from one of those train cars.

Round: August Photo a Day 3 on 365 Project

Typical Little Sisters:

Typical Little Sisters on 365 Project

Izzy decided if she sat between my feet to chew on the favored antler, that maybe Livvy would leave her alone and not take it away from her.

Protection on 365 Project

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