Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guess Who Came to Dinner

   Tonight was a first for us.  My daughter's boyfriend had dinner with us.  I still am feeling weird about saying "my daughter's boyfriend."  When did she become old enough to have a boyfriend?  Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital last week?

   Anyway, she does have a boyfriend and he is a very nice boy.  He's polite and considerate and is more than willing to have a conversation with the adults in Michaela's life.  I did get to meet his mom the night of the 8th grade dance and I like her too.  So, it's all good.  Just still a bit strange.

   So, we picked up her boyfriend today before my son's baseball game.  He came to the game with us and then came home where I cooked dinner.  See, he doesn't know how lucky he is that he got a home cooked meal from me on a weekend.  I made tacos like my mom's.  That is with white corn shells that have been fried.  We also had fresh watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple.  Oh, and pink lemonade cupcakes for dessert.  

   He seemed to enjoy it all and that made me glad.  It's really hard to know what to make or how much when you're still getting to know someone.  He was a very gracious guest and even helped with the clean up.  His mother has done well raising him.

    Even though it still feels a bit strange to know my daughter has a boyfriend, at least I know she's picked well.

                                       This is a picture take before they went
                                       to the 8th grade dance.  ----->
                                      As you can see our Livvy gave her seal
                                      of approval.  :-)

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