Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wooden Water Tower

Wooden Water Tower on 365 Project

Wood and Water
This is a historic water tower. It's capacity is 50,000 gallons. It is one of two still standing built for the IRCC line. I believe the other is in Kinmundy, IL. This one is located in Centralia, IL. We were there this weekend for my daughter's swim meet and this water tower was just across the street from the recreation complex that housed the swim meet. The sign on it says "Merry Christmas." I did not get a chance to get a picture of it at night when the sign was lit up. The old pump house still stands, too. It is located to the side of the water tower. I have a picture with the pump house in it, too that I will share later. I got lucky with this because I've been wanting to do the tag challenge thing and it just never works out. Well, this time it has as the tags I got were wood and water. So, here it is....

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