Sunday, December 4, 2011


VIPs on 365 Project

I have always believed that people come into our lives for a reason. Today, my daughter's swim team had their Christmas Party. We had it at a bowling alley and as I was wandering around snapping pictures, something else occurred to me.

There are those people that show up in our lives in different places. The three ladies in this picture are a few of the people that are a part of different parts of my life. They not only are a part of the swim team (which is a huge part of our lives in our house), but one of them is a part of my church life, has been a part of football life and girl scout life and is one of the girls I go to girls nights out with. Another one has been a part of football life and swim team life and has a few of the same friends I have. The other one is a huge part of my girl scout life, swim team life and is a friend because of her friendship with another one of my friends.

As I was realizing how much of my life is spent around these ladies, I also realized that those people I know from more than one positive influence, also have a huge positive impact on my life and are the ones that really help me challenge myself to become the best I can be. They are amazing women, along with the others that share spaces and times with us. This picture is dedicated to ALL those people that I spend a lot of time with in different spaces of life. Those people who have not only enriched my life, but my family's lives, too. I am not sure any of them will ever truly understand what they mean to me.

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