Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Memory

I grew up in a house where the ornaments on the tree each had a story behind them. We did not worry about color matching or giving our tree a "theme." Our tree was all about us. I have carried that tradition into my adult life and actually handed it over to my MIL in that I give her a "personalized" ornament every year for her birthday which is three days before Christmas. I started this about two years before my husband and I got married. This picture is of an ornament that I have had since my first Christmas. My mom wanted ornaments she could hang down low that would not break so I could touch them. My first Christmas was just 17 days before my first birthday so I was already toddling around. The ornaments my mom bought were plastic with Christmas trees inside them. There are only two out of a set of six left. Three were just like this one and three were yellow tear drops with green trees. My brother has the only yellow one left. My children know the story behind this ornament and the only reason it is not hanging on the bottom of the tree this year is because they were afraid our puppies would knock it off and use it as a chew toy. But, it is still where I can reach it and touch it, which is the point anyway.

 Christmas Memory on 365 Project

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