Sunday, July 12, 2009

Struttin' (PaD 7/10/09)

This picture was taken at Grant's Farm in St. Louis County. Grant's Farm is acreage that the Busch family lived on for several generations. President Grant's hand built cabin is located on this property. They also keep the Clydesdale Horses that are in the Busch commercials at Grant's Farm. There are several animals there. It is free to visit and you ride a tram through a large part of the property before arriving at the exhibits. This flamingo is part of the water bird exhibit. I really liked the way he kept spreading his wings and strutting around the edge of the pond.

141.7 mm. F3.5 @ 1/125s @ ISO 100

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  1. WOW! This one is a great photo. It makes me laugh thinking that the bird is "sassy" for some reason. You certainly got the caption right for this one.


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